ID Reflex’ Tasting wine

The essentials for greater wine enjoyment
Parution: 2010
Pages: 26 fiches, 13 volets

The essential of what you need to know in order to understand and appreciate the different wines, and to match them to your dishes and desires.

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The book

This leaflet is a guide to learn how to taste wine, how to speak about it, how to choose, buy and store it. With this little book in your pocket, you will always be able to enjoy tastings with all the informations you need to know. The leaflet contains many tables, colours and tips that make it easy to read, to understand and to memorize. It is the perfect tool to learn, teach or pratice tasting wine.


Recto : The essentials for greater wine enjoyment

  • Ideal conditions for tasting
  • How to taste
  • The colours of wine, and corresponding grape varieties
  • The aromas of wine, and corresponding grape varieties
  • Taste sensations, and corresponding grape varieties
  • Grape varieties, and corresponding wine styles
  • Wine styles, and corresponding wines

Recto : The essentials for greater wine knowledge

  • A little history
  • Principal wine countries
  • Making wine
  • Colour
  • Aroma
  • Taste and mouthfeel
  • Serving wine
  • Buying wine
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Appendices

He started working in wine in the 1970s, and he is specialised in tasting, formation and writing. In 1987, he was graduated from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust of Londres. Then he moved to France, where he launched Bottlebank, a ground-breaking wine-storage service aimed at private wine-lovers without space for storing their wines. He organises and hosts tastings for work committees and associations, and accompanies groups around France’s vineyard regions. In 2005 he was received into the ancient Compagnie des Courtiers Jurés-Experts Piqueurs de Vins de Paris.

James Turnbull wrotes many books and articles about wine and alcohol (Bordeaux Grandeur Nature, Bourgogne Grandeur Nature, Vallée du Rhône Grandeur nature, Les plus grands vins de France, etc.). He is a member of the tasting committee of the Gilbert & Gaillard wine guide.

He wrotes many books with Arnaud Franel Éditions :
– ID Reflex’ Tasting wine
– ID Reflex’ Dégustation du vin
– ID Reflex’ Bière
– ID Reflex’ Vins de Bourgogne
ID Reflex’ Champagne
ID Reflex’ Vins de Bordeaux
ID Reflex’ Vins d’Alsace
ID Reflex’ Whisky


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