ID Reflex’ European Union

Understand the European Union Institutions
Auteur: Arnaud Pinon
Parution: 2011
Pages: 18 fiches, 9 volets

Above all simple and practical, the leaflet deciphers the functioning of the institutions of the European Union.

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The European Community, a Europe of peace, trade and solidarity, was born on the 9th of May 1950, with the Schuman Declaration drafted by Jean Monnet proposing a European Coal and Steel Community aimed at reconciling European nations after World War II. From 1951, this peaceful revolution has progressively expanded, through the creation of Treaties, new organisations and programs, and the original union of six nations have grown to amount to 27 Member States.

The European Union is a unique organisation that is constantly evolving, with a synergy derived from the heritage of the past and from a never-ending legal construction process. And that is the reason why many citizens don’t clearly understand how it works.

Above all simple and practical, this leaflet explains the main institutions of the European Union and answers to many questions such as: what is the difference between the Council of the European Union and the European Commission? Between the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rigths of the Council of Europe? Between the European Council and the Council of Europe? Between the European Central Bank and the European Investment Bank? Etc.

Understand the European Institutions

  1. The European Institutions at a glance
  2. The European Commission
  3. The Council of the European Union
  4. The European Parliament
  5. The Court of Justice
  6. The Economic an Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions
  7. The European decision-making process
  8. The European Central Bank
  9. The Foundations of European law
  10. The Treaties
  11. The Reguation
  12. The Directive
  13. The Decision
  14. Primacy and Direct Effect of European Law
  15. How to challenge a European decision?
  16. Abbreviations

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